Sustainability at County Arms Hotel

At the County Arms Hotel, we recognise the impact the hospitality industry has on the environment. We have set ourselves targets to reduce our hotel’s environmental impact through implementing more responsible, sustainable practices. We believe that with consistent action towards making our hospitality business greener and more efficient, we can all make a difference to the health of this planet.

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As a team, our mission is to create a more sustainable hotel that is kinder to the environment and raise awareness of what we are doing and why. Together we can do better and build a better future for all of us and generations to come.

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At the County Arms Hotel, we want to be part of the change to help Ireland achieve goals laid out in the Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage responsible, sustainable hotel stays that support a better future for everyone.

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Through our membership of the Green Hospitality programme, we have committed to setting targets to reduce the environmental impact of our hotel and taking action to achieve these targets. We are proud to be working towards Eco-label certification, our first step towards greening our business and reducing our carbon footprint. This Irish designed and managed hospitality environmental certification programme is supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the tourism sector in Ireland. Certification is awarded in a stepped approach for good environmental performance so visitors can choose greener hospitality businesses knowing that defined criteria are being implemented and monitored by a third-party organisation.

More about the Green Hospitality Programme
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At the County Arms Hotel, we are taking steps across our business to reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing our energy consumption, conserving water, and minimising waste, while still ensuring our guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us. Our Green Policy outlines our sustainability goals for the hotel and how we will achieve them. We have also appointed a Green Team and Green Leader to champion our mission to become a more eco-friendly hotel and raise awareness among staff of better environmental practice.

Gabi Hasselmann, Green Team Leader


"My role as Green Leader at the County Arms Hotel is to manage and lead the Green Team in implementing the Green Hospitality Certification Programme, as well as provide team members with the resources and support required to achieve our sustainability goals. I also act as a role model to keep the Green Team motivated and engaged with our mission.
I took this role because I care about sustainability as an individual. I believe businesses play a huge role in achieving long term sustainability goals and reducing carbon emissions. My role gives me more purpose and the opportunity to bring more people on board our mission to raise awareness and make change happen. I believe that positive changes in our culture and mindset at work will go beyond our hotel and bring change to how we live our lives outside work, and potentially spread our green message further to our family, friends, and community. That’s how we change the world."


To you, our valued guest, we hope you will join us on this journey and discover the changes we are making to make your hotel stay kinder to the environment. Having your support means a lot to us and helps us to reach our sustainability goals. We hope that during your next visit, you will find out more about how simple changes to your room and our facilities are making a difference and reducing the environment impact of our hotel.

For more information on sustainability at the County Arms Hotel, email Gabi Hasselmann, Green Leader, at