Shake up your evenings with the fun and fizz of cocktails at the County!  

Welcome to The Shaker Room at the County Arms Hotel, the best cocktail bar in Birr and Offaly for fun and elegant nights out. Relax in the stylish, cosy surroundings of a vintage-style cocktail bar, while sipping something delicious from our classic cocktail menu.

Located just outside the historic town of Birr in the heart of Ireland, The Shaker Room at the County Arms Hotel is a destination for the best cocktails and a fun night out with friends, family, or colleagues. Whether it’s a party, pre-dinner drinks, or a work night out, slip back in time and experience the elegance of a vintage cocktail lounge with a modern twist, exclusively at the County Arms Hotel.

Set in the elegant and homely surroundings of our classic Georgian house hotel, The Shaker Room has been designed to inspire fun and conversation. Dim lighting and cosy lounge-style seating give the feeling of a private bar, while a soundtrack of groovy jazz and relaxing chillout music sets just the right tone for the evening.

Choose from our cocktail menu of classic favourites prepared in front of you by our team of talented bartenders who love cocktails as much as you do! From Whiskey Sours to the Margarita, Cosmopolitan and much more, there’s something for everyone at The Shaker Room. Visit us and discover one of the best cocktail bars in the Midlands for delicious cocktails in a relaxed setting everyone can enjoy. 

 The Shaker Room at the County Arms Hotel is open to hotel residents and non-residents, as well as parties and corporate groups. We'll be delighted to welcome you here!  

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Our menu was carefully selected to provide you with a classic cocktail experience while enjoying a fun night out at County Arms Hotel. Check out our menu and come to pay us a visit!

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Catch a glimpse of The Shaker Room by visiting our Cocktails Gallery and start getting into our modern vintage mood!

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Host your party or event at The Shaker Room and slip back in time with your guests for a stylish and fun evening of delicious cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere.

Looking for a party venue in Birr and Offaly with a difference? Surprise and delight your guests with a fun night out in the stylish and cosy surroundings of our vintage cocktail bar! The Shaker Room at the County Arms Hotel is a unique party venue in the area, ideal for birthday parties, anniversaries, office parties, engagements parties, and other special occasions - guaranteed to bring fun, colour, and glamour to your night out! Your group can enjoy a private bar and a selection of classic cocktails made right in front of you, with music and food at your request. 

Contact us now and our team will help you to create a party to remember at The Shaker Room, exclusively at the County Arms Hotel. Ask about our cocktail making classes for a fun activity for corporate groups and hen parties. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

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